First blog post

As a group of Copywriters and Viscomers we decided to combine our creative thinking skills and create a flash mob that would actually leave people thinking about the message we were trying to portray.



What do we want our flash mob to say/message:

  • Target social issues (insecurities, judgement and hidden identities)
  • Environmental issues (climate change, pollution)
  • Political issues (Government, exchange rate)

We decided to target social issues and mainly focus on peoples insecurities. We chose social issues because as students we feel that we can relate to many of them. We often fear that someone will judge us if we do not conform to the norms of society however people are only trying to live their day to day lives and are more likely thinking about what they are going to have for dinner or what time it is rather than judge what you’re wearing or saying. This constant state of fear most of us live in could very well be our own thoughts taking over.




DECIDED LOCATION: Gateway (inside next to all the shops)

IDEAS for the flash mob:

  • Freeze mob
  • Dance
  • Freeze and lye down
  • singing flash mob

We decided on the Freeze and lye down flash mob because it best fitted the message we were trying to communicate. To freeze and lye down will make people stop what they are doing and stare. Our message is to stop overthinking things and realise your life is not that bad. If we drop to the floor and lye down it represents peoples thoughts and how they can take over ones mind.





Getting chased by Gateway security was seriously scary as you can see.

I feel that we could have managed our time a lot better as well as planning however i thoroughly enjoyed our flash mob !




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