|| Challenge Six – Gender, Sexuality and Body Politics ||

|| Your Body is a Battleground ||

Most of us can admit that we wear a little makeup here and there but have any of us gone as far as making ourselves look unrecognisable. The power of makeup can literally make you look like a different person. Yes I often envy the super models I see on social media or magazines but I’ve never gone as far as completely transforming my face.

People use their body as a battleground, they spend hours making themselves look like their ‘ideal’ image of beauty. I don’t believe that wearing makeup is false advertising but when you go to the absolute extreme I believe that it can be. I follow a few girls on social media who have photos that are to die for, they have perfect skin, no bags under their eyes, thick eyebrows, no blemishes, luscious lips and fantastic hair. When I see these girls in real life they don’t look like half the person they put on social media.

This actually creates some serious judgement about these girls. I have witnessed first hand at my varsity how critical and fault-finding some people can be about girls who make themselves look like someone they aren’t. The way girls criticise others actually scares me, what do they say behind my back? Do they think I wear too much makeup? Maybe I don’t wear enough?

For this particular challenge I decided to put makeup on the one side of my face and leave the other half bare. The aim is to try and make myself look like a completely different person on the one side and myself on the other. This will portray how unfamiliar a person can look with makeup and will make me seriously uncomfortable because I don’t know what people will think of me as they usually see me the same way every day. I just know for a fact girls will judge. The female gaze is something so real in todays society and I feel it wherever I go. Society being the female competition that goes on in social media, who has the best body, makeup and fashion. Its a war zone out there. Therefore to make myself utterly uncomfortable I will put myself in of those girls shoes who make themselves look like a completely non-identical individual.


As the day started I felt very uneasy and self aware. My predictions were just as I expected. Girls stared at me and chatted amongst themselves, it really made me wonder what they were thinking and whether they thought I was a freak for only doing half my face. I felt seriously embarrassed because I usually never wear this much make up. I felt like i was trying to be someone I’m not. Half of me felt normal and the other half like a mannequin with no emotion or feeling. It made me wonder if girls wore that much makeup to escape from their true identity, escape their own loves for a while and be someone else.


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