|| Challenge Seven – Vices ||

|| Always wanting what I cant have ||

Whenever I am told I can’t have something it fuels my desire to make me want it even more. I often deny my greed for certain things and like to believe that I am this grateful and flawless individual who only takes what she needs and never what she wants. However the truth of the matter is that I am far from perfect.

I often fall into this “If only” mind, if only I had more money, more clothes or more time then I would be happy and satisfied with my life. The reason I always want more or better is because I see my friends or other people that have better things than me and I immediately want those things. It is clear that this obsession I have hurts the people around me especially my parents. I am constantly asking them for money or more clothes and they always say to me that I am always buying clothes and I don’t need anymore. I always want the latest fashion trends or money to eat out at fancy restaurants.

Social media has also taken its toll on me. If I see a photo of a girl wearing fashionable and stylish clothes I immediately start thinking of how much it is or where I can get these clothes.

For this particular challenge I decided to dress up in a really fancy outfit, do my makeup and hair and put a cardboard sign over my neck and it will say “Want more. Please Help” thus representing my admittance to the obsession obsession I have for wanting more and more.


Throughout the day I felt emotionally uncomfortable. I was literally admitting to how greed runs my life and that I still want more and more. What made me the most uncomfortable was owning up and showing everyone my flaws, I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I’d usually just sit there in denial and pretend that I’m grateful and appreciative.


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