IDEOLOGIES inspiration

Link for mood board on Pinterest:

The four images that I chose are the brains being watered, the close your eyes and open your mind, the brainwashed generation and the figure that is trapped behind a brick wall.

In terms of social and cultural ideologies these images create an essence of intellectualism.

Intellectualism is something that I feel strongly about. When it comes to politics, religion, cultural and social ideologies I believe that we shouldn’t just accept or believe everything that is presented to us. I question everything and anything whether it is on social media or in my own home. Becoming a product of society is something that most of us conform to and I for one am guilty especially when it comes to the ‘ideal female figure’. I am often faced with conflicting ideologies which then leads to existentialism. These images represent me opening my mind to what is going on around me and educating myself.



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