Allistair King

Alistair King

When it comes to identifying the influencers of my “creative style” it is safe to say that Alistair King cofounder of King James agency has played a significant role. According to (King, 2014) he started off his career as a copywriter for an agency called Rightford Searle-Trip and Makin in 1994 and from there he worked his way up to his dream of owning his own agency. King matriculated from Westridge High School in 1984 and went on to complete his BA in 1988. In 2015 an interview was conducted by (Andrews, 2015) in which King expresses his love for the industry. In terms of his creative style he often has to sit in front of his computer or notebook and force the ideas to happen in order to get his brain working. Once he is presented with an opportunity he constantly questions whether his ideas are good enough which can usually be very stressful. However he also believes that it’s not all about the work and that entering a nurturing environment is essential in order for a person to grow. I am able to relate to King’s creative style, as I am both an innovative thinker as well as an adaptive thinker.

When I start generating new ideas I have the need for structure and discipline as well as radical change and letting my imagination run wild. King and his agency influenced me to move boldly and not be afraid of what others might think of my ideas because the best ideas might not even be realistic. King believes in jumping fearlessly between mediums, being bold and never doing things that have been done before, this then creates an environment of trust between him (his agency) and the client. King is so passionate about his work and put putting his absolute all in everything he does which inspires me to do the same, I try not to stick to one medium and to never hinder one the same ideas throughout. His creativity and personality encourage me to explore and take steps that haven’t been taking before. King’s journey started from a junior copywriter and eventually ended up in him owning his own agency. His journey has allowed me to envision the possible future and how much further one can go in life.

According to (Manson, 2012) at the age of 30 King became the creative director and member of the board at O&MRS-T&M however decision-making became a frustrating process and he hardly had time to create communications. This was when he met James Barty who completely opened Kings eyes at the opportunity of creating his own agency before it was too late. Barty being the sound businessman was interested and so they got their first client; Gilbys. King James opened its doors 5 January 1998 above a chip store.

I recently watched a seriously inspiring that on Allistair King speaking at UJ in 2014. It tells you how and why they make the adverts that they do. His journey from the start to the finish is something that will give anyone goosebumps.

Here is the YouTube link:

Youtube. (2015). Creative director, Mr Alistair King KingJames Group Presentation at UJ 2014. [Online Video]. 24 June 2015. Available from: [Accessed: 30 May 2016].


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