Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss

If someone were to ask me what my niche was in terms of copywriting I wouldn’t be able to answer, as I haven’t exactly discovered it yet as well as lack of experience. However if I were to try and ‘define’ my niche of copywriting it would be creative copywriting. Being able to share wonderful and creative words that make up one idea is something that I love. One person in particular that really triggers my imagination and allows me to see the power of constraints is Dr Seuss. Most of us know Dr Seuss’s writing style as rhyming however for me it is far more than that. His writing for me involves a wonderful mess of chaos that is resolved at the end. He promotes creativity and makes you feel like its ok to be weird and different. According to (Fairchild, 2016) he once quoted “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” His writing influences me to just multiple the chaos and let my imagination go wild but still be able to make sense of it. He is able to jump from imagination back to reality while still giving his writing rhythm. This for me is the perfect combination of creative style. Once I pick up one of his books it is impossible to put it down. Every sentence and word he creates has meaning and is unique and this is what I aim to do in all of my writing, to put my all into everything that I do. According to (Clear, 2014) Dr Seuss found that a useful strategy was to set limitations to his work which then inspired his creativity. An example includes Cat in The Hat where Dr Seuss only used a first grade vocabulary list. In this way it forces you to get things done. I often set limitations or constraints for myself in order to not get lost from my original idea and set specific goals for myself.

According to (Timmerman, 2012) Dr Seuss’s first book was inspired by the rhythm of a boat engine when he was returning to the states from Europe. Stated in (Nell, 2010) Seuss had many influences for all his different books however one question that many people ask is why he wrote children’s books if he didn’t have any of his own. Dr Seuss’s wife was unable to have children however Seuss often said that the reason was because of his contract with Standard Oil (makers of Flit), he was told that he was not allowed to write about many things but he was not prohibited from writing children’s books. He wrote his first book the year that his wife found out she was not able to have children. For me Seuss has been one of my major inspirations as he wrote books that made people think and imagine, everything is unique and creative. The grass doesn’t always have to be painted green or the sky blue. He has inspired me to go out there and write creatively without being afraid. His writing may be seen as cute and fluffy but if you look closer there’s so much more and this is what I am to do in my writing, to get people to find meaning in the all the chaos.



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