Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

When it comes to identifying my personal identity as well as my creative style Ernest Hemingway has played a large role in contributing to both factors. If I were to try and identify my personal ideology I would call my self an existentialist. I believe in questioning the world around me and making my own meaning of life, to not be rational but to make decisions that are meaningful to me. According to (Essays, 2016) Hemingway was mostly recognised for being a stylist and an innovator of form however he also embraced a modern and existentialist worldview that influenced twentieth century literature. In his work he often stems away from traditional views and rejects propaganda. In this way I am exactly the same, I believe in being an intellect and educating ones self at what else is out there instead of following the crowd and believing everything you see.

His writing conveyed what was meaningful and real to him. He wrote about the feelings he got and tried to give the readers the same feeling. He used his skills, which included direct observation and objective reporting to send a message to communicate to people what was compelling in a sentence. In a way I aim to write the way Hemingway did, I believe in writing about what is knowledgeable to me and to try and get people to see things from a different perspective instead of one. I aim to educate myself on as many things as possible, to write words that are real and crisp yet persuasive and meaningful.

Modernists in the previous century helped Hemingway write in a certain style. One of Hemingway’s greatest influences included Ezra Pound. He learnt to focus his writing on what was seen as the immediate, essential, tangible and meaningful in an experience.

For those of you who don’t really understand what existentialism means heres a pretty cool video that explains it:

Youtube. (2014). PHILOSOPHY – Sartre. [Online Video]. 7 November 2014. Available from: [Accessed: 30 May 2016].


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