George Orwell

George Orwell

If I were to describe what my ‘main’ ideology or personal identity it would be existentialism. I believe in freethinking and intellectualism, when I talk about intellectualism I mean that I question everything in life and I don’t believe everything I see. I believe that if I question then I exist. One writer in particular that influences my personal identity, which is reflected in my writing, is George Orwell. According to (, 2016) he was known as a fine yet somewhat confused journalist who became famous for his plain style of writing. Throughout Orwell’s essays, documentaries, essays and novels he criticised imperialism, nationalism, capitalism, political dishonesty, power, totalitarianism, privilege and private education. In this why I am the exact same, I often question propaganda and the aspect of privilege and private education. I myself went to a private school and often criticised the rules and regulations. Orwell’s writing is extremely truthful and he does not sugar coat anything that he writes. When I write about I feel is right or wrong I aim to be truthful. However when it comes to advertising the tables turn because my imagination runs wild. Orwell’s writing almost gives me grounding and stabilisation. He brings me back down to earth, which gives me a healthy balance in my writing.

Stated in (Papova, 2012) Orwell was influenced by a number of things including his childhood, an absent father, bullying and loneliness. He points out that his four main motives include aesthetic enthusiasm, historical impulse, political impulse and sheer egoism. He had a desire to be clever or seem clever and be remembered after death. He saw the beauty of the external world. His historical and political impulses are the influences I can relate to the most. His desire to see the world as it is and find out true facts as well as using the word ‘political’ in the widest possible sense is what inspires me. He tries to push the world in a certain direction and to alter other peoples’ idea of the kind of society that they should strive after. I often debate with people and try to get them to follow my opinion however when it comes to my writing I let my imgaination flow from all corners. He often has to be taking with a pich of salt because of how open minded and truthful he is which is exactly why I admire him.


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