Two Words

The words I got – Cape Town and Dark

I decided to write on how this city has a dark side such as the crime

It’s beautiful, a place where the mountains meet the sea and the wind awakens the soul. Where people from all cracks and crevices come to explore, love, create and be inspired. This place is the light of new beginnings, peace and revolutions but in one or two corners a dark shadow is sometimes casted, this shadow can make you scream, cry and hate the world around you but after a few days the light returns and all is restored.

It could be a campaign for people who are victims of crimes and are too scared to come forward.

The tagline could include – “Don’t be left in the dark” after the piece of writing

It could communicate to people that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that there is help for them. It could be applied to SAPS or even a support group. This piece of writing can be placed in public areas such as libraries and hospitals or even sent by text over social media with a helpline number. It will also remind people that are not victims that things like this do happen and they should be aware of it and help others that have experienced any wrong doings.



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