There are a number of things that tie all my influences together. The first aspect is that of realism, most of my influences provide and reiterate truth in their work. They put themselves into their work whether it is dark or light. They often express their ideology throughout their work whether they were/are conscious of it.

I gathered a few insights from each of my influences, which includes being true to my writing and myself. They encouraged me to create and write things that I believe in. They also taught me to not stick to one style, they inspired me to educate myself in all the cracks and crevasse’s of the world and to create something amazing from them.

In terms of identifying my niche and personal identity there are still many more things I need to try and discover before putting myself into a corner. However these nine influences have built and expanded my knowledge into something more creative and profound. They have encouraged me to expand my skills to all sections in terms of medium and personal identity.


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