Throughout my entire schooling career I attended an all girls Christian school, most of the people that I was surrounded by lived in a somewhat close-minded bubble and if someone were to burst it they would end up with one seriously bruised ego. I was situated in a rigid environment where only certain things were seen as acceptable and if you stepped outside your comfort zone you were seen as a rebel because you didn’t fit the “criteria”. However moving to Vega and choosing copywriting as my specialisation completely changed my career path and lifestyle for the better.

I found myself climbing the creative ladder and after a few months I discovered that creative writing has become one of my passions. In the midst of it all I soon became familiar with the smart, wickedly funny and cynical souls of the copywriting field. There are a number of people, local and international, dead and alive who have influenced and inspired my creative style, personal identity and niche within my core discipline. I believe that copywriting and advertising is a congregation of many different influences from all cracks and crevasses in the world of creation and imagination.



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