Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer

According to (Education, 2010) Jenny Holzer is an American conceptual artist who was born in Ohio in 1950 and was been working on her own practices for over 30 years. Holzer is most famous for her “truism” series, which included bold and provocative statements. These series started off as posters, which then developed into large-scale light projections onto buildings, rivers, landscapes, oceans in America and Europe.

Her truisms were often serious and not exactly light-hearted however her aim was to create ambiguous statements that interrogated the layer of consumer imagery and its power in the cityscape as well as a creation of a modern forum for political intervention. Her work is simply amazing. It is bold and hits you right in the face when you see it. It evokes emotion and power within the audience. Her words are often short yet dynamic. Her work created such excitement within me. When I write about things that meaningful to me I often question the world around me and try to be truthful and to others and myself. I aim to create words that aren’t sugar coated but words that express my empathy for the world around me. I want to create a reaction in people and to be real. It obviously depends on what I’m writing about but when it comes to being truthful I aim to incorporate my own ideology in my words.

Holzer studied at the Rhode Island Institute, she copied diagrams from textbooks and found herself attracted to the captions beneath the images. Holzer found the “neutral, factual and anonymous” feel of the text more encapsulating. This inspired her transformation from painting to text work, which has been a part of all of her works made since this time. I feel that images and words balance each other out however I do favour words more as I am a copywriter and love to write.


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