Lewis Caroll

Lewis Caroll

We all know Lewis Caroll as the author who wrote the famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. His unique style of writing gives off a certain type of energy that not only encapsulates children but adults too. You can’t help but feel like a child again who is fantasizing about a magical garden and where it will lead. His writing can be read over and over again and still be as fresh as the first time it was written. His writing can almost be seen as “unprofessional” because he often uses capitals letters, italics and parentheses that encapsulates the reader and hold their attention throughout the book. His writing communicates a sense of innocence and truth, which is what inspires when I write or create certain, adverts. His writing is light hearted and humorous. The way I write I often incorporate human truth while making it creative and humorous which is similar to the way Caroll writes in his books and his poems.

In terms of typography I often use capital letters in the way Caroll does to try and create a specific mood I am trying to convey or message. According to (Brady, 1998) there were a number of factors that influenced his writing style as well as his life such as bad eating habits, interest in photography of little girls, sleeping disorders, mathematical background, troubled childhood and living in the Victorian era. Most of his influences come from within which is why I admire him, he puts his whole self into his work rather than “faking” it. Caroll was born in the Victorian era, which influenced his writing style. During that time Queen Victoria ruled therefore there was a strong female dominance, which then influenced Carroll’s writing. He placed a great negative association on eating which can also be seen his book, the consequence of Alice eating results in her reducing in size. Caroll was said to have insomnia, which was represented in his literature such as the dormouse constantly falling asleep at the mad tea party. In terms of a neglected childhood he had four other siblings that were born before he has even six years old, he then felt neglected and that no attention was placed on him. Lewis Caroll can be seen as an eccentric man however for me his light hearted and humorous writing style is phenomenal and can capture many readers both young and old.


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