Craft one word – Home and portfolio piece three



HOME – theres no place like home (a brand can provide that feeling)

“That certain smell, that one creek or that particular warm spot in the afternoons.

  • its yours and its real ?
  • what do I do in it ? (love in it, confide in it, cry and hate)
  • but whatever we do it will always be our home
  • whatever we do DON’T stop making it our/your home
  • what brand can I apply this to ? @HOME or maybe Mr Price
  • that one lamp that collects a little too much dust”

ANOTHER OPTION – speak about home as if it were a person

“My little home.

Shes seen me laugh, shes seen me cry

But she never asks why.

She sits and listens to what I have to say,

Even when im acting crazy she will always stay”

ANOTHER OPTION – Be completely yourself at home

“We want you to stand in your underwear in the kitchen siging your

favoirite rap song because the only thing that we want you to feel is

at home”

“We want you to put on your moms lipstick, walk the catwalk down

the passageway all while practicing your killer dance moves because…”


For my third portfolio execution I decided to carry out the “theres no place like home campaign”


The pigeonary (2)


It will look as follows:


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