Mark Twain

Mark Twain

According to (D’Amico, 2013) twain was one of societies most influential and famous literary icons. A number of aspects influenced Twain’s writing including the place he grew up (Hannibal, Missouri) and the violence he witnessed as a child.

Twain is able to dabble with different styles of writing. He has a deeply relaxed yet profound style of writing and is able to switch without any difficulty. The one thing I admire twain for the most is his humour in his books. However this type of humour is that of a serious note, this humour can also be seen as universal and will never die. I often like to joke and write about things that are serious; I feel that people take things to heart if it is said straightforward. I love to write in a very satirical and witty manner, I feel that it lightens the subject but still addresses a serious issue. This influence often comes from my parents. They often address serious issues in a humorous manner. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing because I get extremely frustrated when I’m trying to tell them something. However I often find myself doing the exact same thing when I write.


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