Social issue – your mind is a camera

ACTIVITY – apply the same technique but something serious like a social issue – I have taken something that has personally happened to me as well as a social issue – Mugging/crime

“As slowly we pull out onto the traffic logged road I start to enter a trance while starring a the warm dashboard in front of me. To my right are the busy workers shuffling past eachother to get to wherever they need to be, some laughing and some with trickles of sweat dripping down their face. To my left are a long line of bumper to bumper vehicles all coming to a stand still as the robot turns red. From above an indian miner sweeps through the polluted air of the city and looks down on us like brightly coloured ants that are just too big for his next meal. The loud backfires, overcrowed streets and hot sun has sent both my mother and I into a state of irritation and impatience. I slowly let my head fall into my clammy left hand and breathed in for a sigh the drivers door was thrust open. My crancked to the right to see a hand clutching to my mothers neck. All of sudden time stood still but sped up all at the same time. I somehow clenthced my fists and starting punching this hand of nightmares. It was too strong, why was I not stronger? What must I do and how must I do it? Why us?. The hand retreated with my mothers necklace and started to run. Without thinking I flung my lifeless body out of the car and screamed, it felt as if nothing was coming out. I looked at the useless faces starring at me as if this was the norm. I thought to myself how can people not care, is their life really so meanigless, is it because I am white. I felt instant hate and ager with the world. I wanted to hurt this person that did this to us, I wanted to hurt the people watching and I wanted to hurt the world for being this way. I ot back into the car and burst into tears. These ears were hateful yet so thankful my mother was not hurt.


I decided to create a campaign that teaches people how to be vigulent and prepared OR force people to be vigulent by creating emotional scenarioos for the loved ones they will leave behind – target dads because older white men with families as they usually think that they can take on anything but don’t realise they could be killed.

Vigulent in terms of knowing the possible dngers and difficulties in your area such as potholes and getting stucking on the side of the road. Always be alert to your surroundings such as a dodgy looking person or people saying your tire is slashed even though it is not. If you do not know the area you are travelling in then maybe bring someone with.

Prepared incase anything does happen, how to eact to a mugging, what to say, how to stay calm and how to react after it has happened.

“she hugged him tight and said see you later, she never saw him again”

“My dad is my hero”

“she watched as her friends’ dads spun them around wishing hers was there”

“You are already a hero in your daughters eyes isnt that good enough”

“Don’t you want to walk your daughter down the aisle”?





This particular activity or what I chose to place in this activity was seriously personal as I thought it would never happen to me. It happened so fast and has seriously left me feeling scared. While writing this activity I kept thinking to myself what if I lost one of my parents because they also think it could never happen to me. I want to tell them and tell other parents to stop being heroes and rather be safe than sorry. I would never forgive myself if I had the opportunity to send some sort of a message to society and did not do it.


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