Your mind is a camera

ACITIVITY – Your mind is a camera, begin with a simple image. Focus on that then start pulling back. Let the image take you into a scene. What is to your left and to your right and behind you? Are there people or objects. What lies between them and how do you see them from a birds eye view.

“Focussing on the colours that my lamp gives off at night. There are hints of yellow and some white nearer to the bulb. The lamp is postioned on a white washed hand me down side table. To the left there are a few slightly visible cracks in the wall from me always opening my cupboard onto it. To the right my soft white pillows lye happily in the warm light. From above it can seen as a nest of comfort and depression. This corner has seen it all, it has seen tears, laughter, anxiety and love. This corner is mine and it is home.

This activity got me thinking about my anxiety which is seriously personal to me as i have always been a strong minded personal up until i developed anxiety which was hard for me to accept. The corner i used to sit in at home had seen every side of me and it was my little corner

Maybe create a campaign for people with anxiety? what brand?

I decided to use the South African Depression and Anxiety group

I decided to write a manifesto on anxiety and try communicate to people that its not always a bad thing and sometimes you can embrace it. My aim is to place it under a different light rather than the negative one it has been placed under.

Bring Your Own BibInc. presents

Writing this manifesto really made me want to inspire others to own their anxiety and embrace it.


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