Rosser Reeves

Rosser Reeves

According to (Farnworth, 2014) Rosser Reeves was one of those advertisers that rose up during the great depression. He got into advertising by mistake and was actually interested in history and law but was forced out because of economic difficulties. He was one of those men that had three interests including being well read, well-travelled, and had an appetite for the best food and drink. He focussed one thing when it came to advertising and that one thing was to sell. He believed in always having a unique selling proposition.

In his work he never confused his words or rambled on. He found a unique selling point and took it into places its never been before ranging from the audience to the medium. However no matter what he did he always made sure that it would sell. I admire him for his work because he is able to take it to extreme lengths but never los sight of the selling point. When I am presented with a new brief the first thing I do is discover the USP and from there I am able to go absolutely crazy with it.


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