LU1: Composition: Step up!

Activity 1

Pick two pieces out your portfolio and rework them


Relating men to nature

A male red-capped manakin will burst into a dazzling moonwalk; produce original beats and pivot back and forth showing off his skinny yellow thighs just to gain the approval of the female.

Being a princess is a part of nature.

Male superb lyrebirds will set up a display mound, learn four different song types, match certain notes to a specific dance move and with his tail over his head he will sing for up to 20 minutes. All this to be one of the ladies top choices.

Being a princess is a part of nature.


Turn it around (make the women independent)

– Be your own princess etc.

Incorporate the ring with a wine brand/grip and state the facts?

– His mother isn’t going anywhere so get a grip

From the rings point of view

– Annoying man? Oh do I have a ring for you

Every hand tells a story

The sisterhood of the travelling ring

Passed down by generations – possibly a manifesto

This one particular stem forms part of a golden tree

Over the years this tree has grown and collected

There’s always one in the golden tree that collects

It may be new or it may be old

No matter how far our branches go our roots remain the same

Over the generations

There’s always one in the golden tree that collects

It may be new or it may be old but it will never be lost

It allows one to share memories and sorrows

The legacy can then be passed down

An heirloom of sisterhood

The bond of sisterhood

Together we can do so much

We build each other up

Together we are unstoppable

Dad to daughter – show your princess who’s boss ?

LUNCH BAR – second piece reworked

– Maybe stopping people from being hangry (angry because they are hungry) – possible tagline “we don’t do hangry”?

“ Listen to me you hangry beast, if you don’t eat me right now you will end up saying something you don’t mean”

– OR telling the person to give the chocolate to apologise to someone

“Don’t you dare open me? Drive over there, hand me over and leave us in peace….”

“Well you’ve forgotten her birthday, didn’t kiss her goodbye and you’re seriously considering eating me…. its time to hand m over”

– OR making awkward or funny remarks at people to make them buy the chocolate

“You cant look you can only touch” ?

ACTIVITY 2 – ad campaigns to match payoff lines

1) Nivea “touch and be touched” – “to be touched”

– Every hand tells a story. Get women to stop hiding their hands and tell/flaunt their story with Nivea’s help. Maybe a series of print ads where there is a picture of a woman’s hand and her story written next to it? Nivea will create a message that encourages women to let their hands tell their story. We don’t want you to hide your story

– NEW LINE – “Let your story be told”

– maybe the brand could do an experiment and ask people to tell them what they think of a certain person or what they think their story is about before they use Nivea and then what they think their story is about after using Nivea on their hands ?

2) Mr price home

– Copy placed on the mirrors within the store, a piece of copy on each mirror (people like to look at themselves in the mirror)

– On the first mirror it could read, “ok I guess one looks enough”

– Second mirror “oh you cheeky thing”

– Third mirror “right now you have to buy me”

– NEW TAGLINE – “Do it for you”

1) Lunch bar “much, much more”

From the wrappers point of view, lunch bar could venture into the recycling department and there could be a poem or manifesto from the chocolate wrappers point of view speaking about how he was always spoken badly about when people saw him/her lying on the ground but now that he is biodegradable people love him/her

NEW TAGLINE – “More than meets the eye”

2) Toughies – shoes

“Made tough so you can be”

– Picture beaten up ones in corner

– The shoe that’s been there for you through it all

– Maybe a bunch of ugly shoes in the corner that have been beaten up and a pair of toughies shoes looking all clean next to them “the shoe that’s been there for you through it all”

– Another example could be a picture of girls afraid to get their shoes dirty and next to them a girl running through the mud with her toughie shoes. “The shoe that’s been there for you through it all”

3) Curious “Do you dare”

– Every woman has two sides so you better get on her good one

– NEW TAGLINE “I’d get on her good side”

– Picture of a man who’s just dropped her grandmother’s vase and its time to get on her good side so he has to buy her the perfume. Another example can include muddy footprints in the house with the caption saying, “I’d get on her good side”

4) Lou Harvey “the future is bright”

– NEW TAGLINE – id rather be bright than dull

– Picture of little girl with mud and maybe a muddy bum and bright bag

5) Wimpy

“Enjoy every moment”

  • NEWTAGLINE – “a place where memories are made”
  • Picture of a baby with spit up all over the table and the mom with a completely calm face because she’s got a wimpy milkshake

6) Four Cousins Wine

  • NEW TAGLINE – “Sometimes all you need is a new set of eyes”
  • Print ad and the page is split in two. On the one half there is a nerdy looking, pimple faced guy and on the other side he is suited up and has a top hat on


  • The Yaris has a large rear end
  • new tagline “You can put some junk in her trunk”

I have chosen to execute my Pandora “Being a princess is a part of nature” campaign and put it into my portfolio however i have swopped the brand to Michael Kors as I already have another Pandora piece that I will be entering.