Lewis Caroll

Lewis Caroll We all know Lewis Caroll as the author who wrote the famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. His unique style of writing gives off a certain type of energy that not only encapsulates children but adults too. You can’t help but feel like a child again who is fantasizing about a magical garden and … Continue reading Lewis Caroll

George Orwell

George Orwell If I were to describe what my ‘main’ ideology or personal identity it would be existentialism. I believe in freethinking and intellectualism, when I talk about intellectualism I mean that I question everything in life and I don’t believe everything I see. I believe that if I question then I exist. One writer … Continue reading George Orwell

Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer According to (Education, 2010) Jenny Holzer is an American conceptual artist who was born in Ohio in 1950 and was been working on her own practices for over 30 years. Holzer is most famous for her “truism” series, which included bold and provocative statements. These series started off as posters, which then developed … Continue reading Jenny Holzer

Rosser Reeves

Rosser Reeves According to (Farnworth, 2014) Rosser Reeves was one of those advertisers that rose up during the great depression. He got into advertising by mistake and was actually interested in history and law but was forced out because of economic difficulties. He was one of those men that had three interests including being well … Continue reading Rosser Reeves

Mark Twain

Mark Twain According to (D'Amico, 2013) twain was one of societies most influential and famous literary icons. A number of aspects influenced Twain’s writing including the place he grew up (Hannibal, Missouri) and the violence he witnessed as a child. Twain is able to dabble with different styles of writing. He has a deeply relaxed … Continue reading Mark Twain